Patient Reviews & Success Stories

I developed a misaligned jaw as a young kid, and I knew ever since those early years that corrective surgery was most likely the only solution to my problem. My jaw misalignment caused me to have difficulty with biting and chewing, as well as breathing problems, all of which got worse as I grew older. Once I reached an age where I could undergo surgery and began looking into the procedure, I quickly found out how complex and involved the surgery was and learned that the surgical process would entail many months of preparation and an extensive recovery period. With this in mind, my decision to undergo the surgery was undoubtedly a major one. The procedure would not only be a significant part of the next 12-24 months of my life, but it would have a tremendous impact on the rest of my life as well. Having gone through the surgery and recovery now, I can say with certainty that this was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I can also say with certainty that another decision I made during this process was critical to my success: choosing my surgeon, Dr. Alan Harvey.

I could tell after my very first consultation with Dr. Harvey that he was not just a surgeon with tremendous experience and knowledge of complex oral surgery procedures like mine, but he was also someone who genuinely cared about me as a patient. His attention to detail was evident in everything from his initial examination of my jaw to his beautiful, recently constructed office in Winnetka. In addition, as he walked me through three-dimensional models of my jaw, facial x-rays, and computer-aided surgical techniques, I knew that he had an impressive array of advanced technology and equipment supporting him.

After several months of orthodontic preparation, my surgery day finally arrived. I was nervous, but I knew that I was in the best of hands with Dr. Harvey and his team. The surgery went fantastically well, and I had no complications. After spending a couple of nights in the hospital, I went home and continued my recovery. The first few days were certainly tough, but just like Dr. Harvey had told me in the hospital, I improved every day, slowly but surely. From going into his office for weekly check-ups after surgery to answering any question or concern that arose in the following days and weeks, Dr. Harvey and his team were always there for me to ensure that I had a comfortable and successful recovery.

My jaw surgery has undoubtedly changed my life, and I am very grateful for the outstanding care that I received from Dr. Harvey and the team at Lakeside Oral and Facial Surgery Institute. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Harvey to anyone considering oral or facial surgery, from simple procedures to complex surgeries like my own.

– Alec M